For those Community Associations that need to delegate the everyday operation and maintenance services to a “management agent”, DANELLA REALTY & MANAGEMENT CO. offers Full Service Management.

No management firm will be successful in Community Association management unless it recognizes the vast differences between property management and community management.

The most telling difference is that in property management, the manager serves investors whose focus is upon profits, while in community management the manager serves residents whose focus is upon service and the protection of their respective estates. The management of a condominium involves legal, tax and insurance matters that are non-existent in a rental property management program. From a functional point of view, in rental management the majority of dollars and activity relate directly or indirectly to servicing the interiors of dwelling units while in community management most activity relates to social and recreation functions and maintenance of the common areas.

DANELLA’S approach to community management is to work in partnership with the residents and their elected leaders. We are financial managers, but do not commingle funds. We supervise Association employees, but do not hire and fire them. We negotiate service contracts, but do not sign them. We advise the Board on how to handle rule violations, but do not enforce the rules ourselves.

In other words, DANELLA fulfills many technical functions in arranging for services, acts as staff to the Executive Board, serves as a consultant and recommends courses of action, but the Board makes the decisions.


Coordinate or perform various general administrative services:

  1. Hire, train and supervise maintenance personnel.
  2. Provide supervision of all administrative functions.
  3. Handle general correspondence.
  4. Record-keeping of legal documents, contracts, minutes, etc.
  5. Meeting management, including notices, room arrangements and maintain minutes book.
  6. Personnel management.
  7. Initiate, maintain and track a system for handling service requests.
  8. Maintain a telephone log on all pertinent information.



Assist and advise the Board in acquisition of products and services to protect the Association assets, including:

  1. Appropriate insurance for the property, committees, personnel and monies of the Association.
  2. An annual financial audit of Association financial statements and procedures.


Management provides input, assistance and advice to the Board on a wide range of policy deliberations, including:

  1. Award of contracts after approval by Board.
  2. Development and adoption of general management plan.
  3. Selection of professionals, such as attorneys, accountants, etc.
  4. Adoption of annual budgets and programs.
  5. Adoption of standard operating procedures.
  6. Continuing development of rules and regulations.


Maintain all service contracts.

Assure that Association services are provided to members adequately and on a timely basis.

  1. Generate specifications for all contracts.
  2. Solicit at least three proposals on all yearly service contracts.
  3. If necessary, secure the services of a Board-approved engineer for repair or design recommendations.
  4. Review all proposals and make recommendations to Board for approval.
  5. Award contracts to Board-approved contractors.
  6. Monitor progress on all contracts based on services provided.


Enforce all Rules & Regulations as stated in the by-laws.

  1. Assure that proper procedures, standards and guidelines are in place for enforcement.
  2. Assure that an appropriate process is sustained to identify and deal with violations on a timely basis.
    1. Advise rule violators and the Executive Board of any violations of the Rules and Regulations.
    2. Respond to violations of the Rules and Regulations in a manner set forth either in the by-laws or by special  direction of the Executive Board.
    3. Follow up with violations up to and including court complaints, if necessary.
    4. Secure the services of Legal Counsel if so directed by the Executive Board.


Attend various Association and Board meetings throughout the year, as per the number of meetings contracted.

  1. 1. Attend Executive Board meetings per contract.
    1. Prepare and distribute an agenda and schedule providing adequate information on each issue for organized input from relevant parties. Prior to each Board meeting, Board members will receive the following:
      1. Agenda.
      2. Minutes of previous Board meeting.
      3. Finance report.
      4. Committee reports.
      5. Management report.
      6. Special reports, memos or correspondence regarding issues to be discussed.
    2. Manage with the chairman or president assuring that a meeting keeps to agenda and schedule,    meeting not to exceed two hours.
  2. Attend one general Association meeting. Preparation and management as

Stated above will also apply to general meetings.


Supervise maintenance for common areas:

  1. Establish routine inspection and maintenance procedures for common elements and facilities the Association is responsible for maintaining. This includes a comprehensive preventive maintenance program.
  2. Undertake, directly or through contractors, the proper maintenance, repair and replacement of such properties, equipment and facilities.
  3. Assure that the common elements are maintained in compliance with local laws and ordinances.
  4. Hire, train, supervise, schedule and review all maintenance and cleaning personnel.
  5. Provide 24-hour emergency service, either through a maintenance person or an approved contractor.
  6. Provide technical supervision to help reduce on contractor needs.
  7. Establish and maintain an effective inventory system for all supplies.


Establish standard procedures for effective communications.

Assure that appropriate systems are in place for Association communications with prospective buyers, owners, renters and related neighborhood and municipal groups, through such techniques as:
  1. Annual reports.
  2. Annual and special meetings.
  3. Periodic notices.
  4. Preparation of required “3407” or “5407” resale packages as required per the Uniform Condominium Act and/or the “Uniform Planned Community Act”.


Management may play an integral role in the development of volunteer committees and the social atmosphere of the community:

  1. Promote volunteer interest in the organization and functions of various committees. Provide guidance in the progress of such committees.
  2. Assist with the organization of various social events as may be requested by the Executive Board.


Provide other services from time to time as may be required regarding normal management matters:

  1. Provide required certificates to sellers of units regarding assessment status.
  2. Provide copies of the documents at a nominal cost of reproduction.
  3. Make available all accounting records, during normal business hours, to a Board-designated accounting firm for auditing purposes.
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